MaaS Congres 2021
From pilot to one national system

Due to significant steps forward in recent years, Mobility as a Service is no longer a distant vision. The first pilots have started, MaaS apps and multimodal trip planners are functioning and the number of shared vehicles is on the rise. But there are still plenty of challenges. How do we move from pilots to a national and even global system? That was what the online MaaS Congres 2021 was about.


The time for behavioral change

Governments are struggling with the role they can and must play in the MaaS landscape, employers and employees have by no means embraced this new travel concept en masse and the corona crisis may have changed travel behavior forever. But this offers opportunities to implement the desired behavioral change for MaaS now. The MaaS Congres 2021 offers the opportunity to do so, with leading speakers who share innovative knowledge and important lessons learned from practice. And of course space to meet and network online.

Key points of the MaaS Congres 2021:

  • Governance – MaaS belongs to governments and the market together. What role can and should governments play in that force field?
  • The travellers – Coming up with MaaS solutions is one thing, but travelers must also (want to) make use of them.
  • Employers – What benefits does Mobility as a Service offer employers, both in business operations and in employee satisfaction?
  • MaaS-pilots – The lessons learned from the seven national MaaS pilots that are currently running are extensively discussed by those directly involved.
  • Technic – If we use technology in the right way, there are many opportunities, but we are not that far yet.

Meet the speakers at the MaaS Congres 2021:

Online edition

As in previous years, this conference will link indispensable theoretical knowledge to relevant practical experiences. Dozens of speakers have shared their expertise to take the participants further. Due to the corona crisis, the MaaS Congres took place online this year, but it does give participants the opportunity to follow all sessions. In addition, there is a lot of space to also network online with the other participants and speakers.

With between 250 and 300 participants, the MaaS Congres is an indispensable annual event for the mobility professional.


Advisory Board

Together with a team of professionals, we put together the program for you:

Gythe Lammers
Ministerie I&W
Thijs Muizelaar
Sonila Metushi


The MaaS Congres 2021 was attended by professionals from the following organizations. Networking based on relevant match making is part of the program.

  • Municipalities
  • National government
  • Research and consultancy firms
  • Governing bodies
  • OV-companies
  • MaaS-providers
  • Mobility sharing providers
  • Leasing companies
  • Taxi carriers
  • Suppliers
  • IT-companies
  • Financial service providers
  • Employers

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